What are the core product management skills of a SaaS product manager?

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What are the core product management skills of a SaaS product manager?

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Recently, some fan friends asked me: What kind of product management skills do SaaS product managers need.

Today we will discuss together in this article, the 6 core skills that SaaS product managers need to have.

01 Ability to understand and analyze data
Many product managers may prefer to write PRD documents and prototyping in the first place. Having these skills does not make you a qualified SaaS product manager.

SaaS product managers need to have the ability to understand and analyze data . Although this ability does not necessarily reach the ability of professional data analysis and statisticians, how to read data and accurately interpret data is an excellent Competencies that a qualified SaaS product manager must have.

We only need to understand and pay attention to the meaning of some conventional data indicators, as well as the meaning and logic behind each data indicator, for example, as shown in the following figure:

What are the core product management skills of a SaaS product manager?

In the past when data statistics and analysis tools were scarce, our product managers relied on personal past experience and keen market sense to guide product planning and iterative direction, rather than making decisions based on data-driven.

Now, more and more rich data analysis tools are provided, such as: Smartbi, Sensors Data, Youmeng+, GrowingIO, Baidu Big Data Analysis, etc. These tools can help product managers analyze data very well, but there are still some product managers who do not interpret the data accurately enough, which requires targeted training.

In the process of using SaaS products, a large amount of data will be generated. The ability to analyze and interpret data is especially important for SaaS product managers. Using data to guide the iteration and design direction of SaaS products has become a very core competitiveness of future SaaS products.

02 Industry insight and KPI tracking
In the future, industry insight will definitely become a scarce ability for SaaS product managers. Only product managers with this ability can have the level of direct dialogue with CEOs.

Product managers need to keep an eye on trends in their market Special Database and industry and be able to set and track key KPIs such as customer acquisition cost, customer conversion rate, daily active users, feature usage, churn, net promoter score, customer satisfaction and Customer lifetime value.

The market competition of SaaS companies is very fierce. It is recommended that SaaS product managers spend at least 2 hours a day to pay attention to market trends, iterative trends of competing products, and industry trends. At the same time, they will actively pay attention to and think about the innovative value and differentiated construction of their own products. ability. SaaS product managers must understand market analysis and understand the trends in the industry. Leverage data and customer feedback to find the all-important product-market fit.


Recommend some industry insight-related information networks: iResearch, 199IT, Guoyan.com (Information Network of the Development Research Center of the State Council), Aurora Industry Insights, Mob Research Institute, 36K, etc.
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